Presentations & Public Speaking

Catherine Strecker, Educational Facilitator, presents to school districts and organizations throughout the United States. 

Examples of Presentations include:

  • Multiple Intelligences Presentation:
    • This is a 1-2 hour presentation familiarizing Dr. Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. This presentation will help people discover their own learning; develop study strategies, increase motivation, increase self-esteem, and value individual learning strengths.  
  • Multiple Intelligence Assessment (MIDAS):
    • The assessment takes 20-30 minutes followed by an evaluation and portfolio of the results. People understand their intelligences and strategies to help in learning in school or career. This assessment is a great tool and administered at businesses, school districts, colleges, organizations, and the convenience of your home (Shearer, l987).  
  • Teacher Multiple Intelligence Workshops:
    • This ½ day workshop provides teachers the MIDAS assessment and implementing strategies, and curriculum that will provide a positive learning environment.  
  • Brain Based Learning:
    • 1-2 hour presentation includes discovering how the brain learns, enriching the brain, curriculum with the brain in mind, and memory and recall.  
  • Learning Disorders:
    • 1 hour presentation summarizes ADHD or Dyslexia or Depression: This presentation includes Identifying people with ADHD and treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to help at school, work, and home.  
  • Leadership/Teamwork/Christian Speaking:
    • 1-3 hour presentation on any of these topics which includes: How to work as a team player, action steps for building powerful teams, and six keys to a winning team.  
  • Book Presentations:
    • 1-2 hour presentation on topics: "Life Is An Attitude," "Saying Goodbye: Death and Dying," "Five Children and Degrees: Raising Children and Obtaining Degrees." (Presentation and Dinner can be included.)

Offered To:

  • School Districts & Colleges
  • Colleges
  • Clubs & Organizations
  • Christian and/or  Civic Groups
  • Businesses & Conventions

Time Offered:

  • One or Two Hour Presentations
  • Saturday Presentations
  • Half or Whole Day Presentations


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