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Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scales (MIDAS)

Branton Shearer, Ph.D. in 1987, developed the Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scales (MIDAS™) as a means to enhance a person’s intellectual performance, career development and personal satisfaction. The MIDAS assessment can help children, parents, and adults, understand MI Strengths and limitations. From this understanding can be made to enhance study strategies, test taking skills, communication, home based enrichment activities, career and college planning.

There are four MIDAS assessment groups:        
  • The MIDAS for Adults/College Students: 20 years of age and over        
  • Teen MIDAS age: 15-19; grade 9-13        
  • MIDAS for Kids:               
    • All About Me: age 10-14; grade 4-8               
    • My Young Child: age 4-9: grade pre-K-3

Educational Applications of MIDAS

The MIDAS is being used in a wide variety of schools and classrooms through to enhance education and career planning. It is also used extensively with teachers to enhance their awareness of how their own MI profiles influence instruction and curriculum design. Entire schools have adopted The MIDAS as a means of infusing MI into their curriculum so that students will gain the power of the MI language for building intrinsic motivation, community connections and more effective study strategies.  Teachers use the Profile to better understand students' learning propensities so they may personalize instruction and enhance the student-teacher relationship.

The MIDAS is also used as a foundation for a portfolio and as a tool for designing collaborative group projects. Parent awareness of the student's intellectual proclivities is also improved when the Profile is discussed as part of a student led goal setting conference. The MIDAS has been found to be useful for students of all ability levels from the "academically talented" to the "at risk" and vocational students. Numerous classroom pilot projects are currently in place exploring the most effective strategies for maximizing student learning via MI approaches. Preliminary results as reported by students and teachers give strong indications that "at risk" students benefit a great deal in terms of enhanced self-esteem, self-efficacy and career exploration. Students in a middle school program for the "academically talented" have also embraced this program with enthusiasm for the power it adds to their meta-cognitive skills.

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